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What standard should my child reach? to pass the 11+ exam?

By the beginning of Year 6 prospective 11+ pupils need to have a high level of competence in Maths and English - equivalent to Level 6 of the National Curriculum. This is difficult to achieve in the school environment alone.

Is my child likely to pass the 11+ exam?

If your child is working near Level 4 of the National Curriculum in Maths and English at the end of Year 4, the chances of success are good. It is a good idea, however, to consult your child's teacher about his or her progress in Maths and English.

Other indicators that your child may do well at 11+ is that he or she knows the times tables by the beginning of Year 5 and can produce a story of just over one side of A4 in neat handwriting without too many spelling or punctuation mistakes. This is especially important for any boys taking the 11+, since a mark of 50% on the internally set test of English is a condition of entry to Devonport High School for Boys.

When should tuition start?

Most pupils should be able to prepare for the 11+ exam in one year, starting at the beginning of the Autumn Term of Year 5. There are advantages in starting in the Summer Term of Year 4, thus providing a firm foundation for work in Year 5.

Initial Assessment

At parents' request I can conduct an initial assessment which will give an idea of your child's progress. 

If you decide to start tutoring without an initial assessment,a clear picture of your child's progress will emerge very soon. I always advise of the progress your child is making so that you can decide whether 11+ is the best route for your child.


Homework is set weekly. I know that this may conflict with other commitments your child has. However, practice is an essential part of your child's preparation for 11+.

Register for Tutoring

Once we have received your registration details, we will contact you to confirm further arrangements.

Alternatively, you might wish to contact Graham directly for further details:

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Parent Comment 

"I would recommend Graham to any parent wishing to give their child additional support outside of school and especially during the transition period from primary to secondary school!"